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I have always loved going to markets and seeing everyone's own little creations. Maybe it is because I have always loved making my own things, whether it be food, art or clothes. Seeing everything there all spread out in little stalls, and walking around, looking, touching, eating. Seeing the proud smiling faces of the farmers, artists, chefs look back at you whilst you look at their products... it has always made me happy.

It was a big goal of mine to have my own stall one day with T. With Cake. So, when I was asked to have a cake stall at Ivanhoe East Primary school fair last year I was more than ecstatic.

Since then, I have risen to any opportunity for us to feature a stall many of the markets held around Melbourne. I'm so excited for all the markets booked in the new year!

If you would love to visit us, check out our 2018 dates in the Markets tab in the Menu bar! We hope to see you guys there!

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