A little cake

A little cake

Just because we are all in social isolation doesnt mean we can't celebrate birthdays/anniversaries etc. with our immediate family, housemates, pets (..or ourselves). Who am I kidding, who needs an occasion to eat cake anyway?? 


The little cakes are 15cm in diameter and 2-layers high. A perfect size, not too small.. not too big. So you can send it to your friends and family or you can enjoy it all on your own if you want to!


They can be made in any flavour in this list:

• Red velvet + vanilla cream cheese icing

• Chocolate fudge cake OR vanilla cake with either:

- Vanilla buttercream

- Chocolate buttercream

- Salted caramel buttercream

- Oreo buttercream

- Raspberry buttercream


• Passion fruit + raspberry - passionfruit buttercream & raspberries

• Blueberry + lemon curd + vanilla buttercream & blueberries

• White choc + raspberry - vanilla buttercream + white chocolate chunks + raspberries

• Spiced carrot cake - vanilla cream cheese

• Vanilla cake & lemon curd + vanilla buttercream

• Vanilla cake & raspberry compote + vanilla buttercream

• Banana cake - lemon zested cream cheese

• Cinnamon spiced cake + stewed apples & vanilla cream cheese


If you have any dietary requirements, please contact me for different flavours! I can do vegan/gluten free/dairy free etc.