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Hello I'm Tanya, the face behind T. With Cake and welcome to my journey!
From as young as I can remember I have always loved painting, drawing and creating anything with my bare hands. This obsession with making art and food led to the beginning of my journey with making cakes for family and friends in 2014.
It was in 2015 (when I had just completed a Veterinary Science degree) that I decided to enrol in William Angliss and begin a certificate in Cookery and Patisserie. I fell in love with the dessert side of cookery and the creativity that comes with it. It was at the end of 2015 when I decided to begin my own adventure with cakes. And so, I officially began T. With Cake as my own business whilst also working full-time as a pastry chef.  It was then only a couple years later in 2017 that I made a life-changing decision to go for it! I quit my pastry chef job to focus 100% on my own cake creations. 

And so, T. With Cake officially began. Cakes baked with care and creativity using seasonal, local ingredients. With a heavy focus on colour, nature, flowers and art each cake is uniquely designed - no two cakes are the same! It is just as important that they taste as great as they look and I take pride in creating everything fresh, all from scratch solely by me. 

The philosophy of T. With Cake is a simple one. Make cakes that taste delicious and look stunning; Cakes of Art

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